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If you want a surefire way to improve your property, contact the paving contractor at Statewide Asphalt in Philadelphia, Scranton, Walnutport or Palmerton, PA. A new driveway or parking lot can boost your property value and improve the overall appearance of your property. Additionally, a new parking lot for your business will increase its functionality and help you create a more professional overall appearance for your property. We can work on any residential or commercial property and use any material you choose.

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We offer free quotes and estimates, so you'll never have to think twice about budgeting.

Residential Paving

We'll install your new driveway or walkway efficiently.

Commercial Paving

Let our asphalt contractor build your parking lot.


Keep your asphalt in perfect shape with protective sealcoating.

Why you should choose our contractor

When it's time to find a paving contractor, you'll want a professional who provides exceptional customer service. An inexperienced or unprofessional paving contractor may cut corners or use subpar materials. That's why you need our professionals on the job. Many of our customers trust us because we:

  • Have a lifetime of experience
  • Prioritize honesty and integrity
  • Offer free estimates and quotes

With our wealth of experience, we can build your new bike or pedestrian path, parking lot or tennis court to a high-quality standard. Once we finish construction, our asphalt paving contractor can sealcoat your new asphalt to extend its life span. We'll provide a free and accurate quote for your new driveway or parking lot, and we always get the job done right. Check out our Gallery page now if you'd like to see some of our high-quality work.

Offering comprehensive paving services

You want a professional asphalt paving company to manage any paving work on your property. If you choose our expert, we'll install your new asphalt and protect it from potential damage. We take care of:

  • Commercial paving - building parking lots, bike paths and more
  • Residential paving - installing new driveways and athletic courts
  • Sealcoating - coating pavement to extend its lifetime and prevent cracks

Professional sealcoating adds a protective layer to your asphalt and helps prevent the need for repairs. This will save you money down the line on both repair and maintenance costs. Email us today for more information on our sealcoating services in Scranton, Walnutport or Palmerton, PA.

Wondering how our paving services can benefit you?

A paving contractor can improve your property in various ways. In addition to boosting your property value with new asphalt features, you can:

  • Create a stylish and durable driveway to your property
  • Make room for more customers with a larger parking lot
  • Protect your existing lot or driveway with a durable sealcoat

No matter what kind of project you're interested in, our efficient team will complete it properly the first time around. We'll also seek cost-effective solutions throughout your project. If you have any questions for an asphalt paving contractor, reach out to our team.